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Entrepreneur | Author | Blogger | Speaker | Eternal Optimist & Life Enthusiast | Yoga & Meditation Teacher | Traveler & World Citizen | Inspirational Chick | Wild Giggler 

Anouchka is a free-spirited young lady passionately inspiring a global audience discover their passion, live with purpose, utilize their power and fulfill their potential. With an air of an “I don’t take myself too seriously” kind of trait that shines through her books and personality, she is quite a friendly fellow. An advocate of healthy living, committed to meditation and yoga, Anouchka has a sense of belonging to a world community. A trait inspired by her growing up in Africa and living in Europe and then Asia. She is indeed a walking adventure.

An accomplished lawyer who left the corporate world to follow her bliss. Her books produce positively lingering memories for her audience; and with her dexterity and passion for words, Anouchka is an inspiration to those whose self-esteem has been trampled upon, those who have either thought or being told “you’re not good enough”. She has been writing in journals since she was 12, and for her, writing has always been cathartic and therapeutic. Her first book, which is already a best-seller on Amazon, is inspired from her personal experience – the challenges she has dealt with – and trying to gain insight about.

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le crepuscule

If you would like to hear a story about how an young woman, ingenuous and neurotic, stumbled onto a way to become master of her destiny, how a pipsqueak became rich beyond her dreams, then you will love this book!

This book is an initiation story about how the past can transform us into heroes. It captures the lifestyle of a generation that has lost his bearings, it is the true story of a rebirth to oneself, it is a challenging time experience shared in a funny, moving and inspiring way. It may give you encouragement and positively influence your thinking.

English version coming up soon!

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